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Corporate Purchases

Wide range of organic and non GMO commodities available in bulk. What is not available locally is imported. Grains, fresh produce, dairy, cooking oils, specialty flours, free range eggs and more. Easy buying procedure and Proof Of Product. Outsourced logistics. Bulk storage options available.

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Domestic Purchases

Find farms and shops in your area for organic and craft products with the Supplier Locator. Select your area, radius and/or categories and press search for recommendations. Poultry breeders for backyard chicken farming also listed. Visit the blog for tutorials on how to produce all your own food and resources.

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Contact Information

βœ‰ or βœ† JHB: +2771 484 5295 βœ† KZN: +2782 699 3306 | South Africa (GMT+2) | For immediate assistance check the Live Chat box on the bottom of the website to see if an agent is available.

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