Organization dedicated to the promotion, sales and procurement of organic and GM free products. Procuring through the organization funds community empowerment and philanthropic projects.

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      non GMO maize, white
      Price: R2500 Minimum order: 1000 tons (Price goes up considerably for smaller quantities) Mexican maize. The featured product image is of other maize not this specific maize, updated image to follow shortly. But the maize is all from the supplier and product quality and color is nearly identical. South African non GMO maize is of
      non GMO white maize
      Price: R3600 per MT Location: Ex silo Migdol, North West Province, South Africa Imported from: Mexico 5000 tons available. For more information please visit the Product Profile South Africa produces some of the best white maize in the world but does not farm much non GMO maize. Ethical Suppliers endeavors to support local product over
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      The non-GMO feed grade yellow corn average price as of September 23 has been reported at around $3.69-3.93/bushel, and around $4/bushel in early September.  This is compared to December corn futures trading at $3.79-3.83/bushel reported this month.  Non-GMO yellow soybeans were quoted at a cash price range of around $9.64-9.89/bushel, and yellow soybeans futures for November
      South Africa, which needs to import millions of tonnes of maize this year because of drought, will source hundreds of thousands of tonnes of white maize in the coming months from Mexico, likely beginning in May, local and foreign traders said. White maize is the staple source of calories for most South African households but
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