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Fertilis is an all purpose organic fertiliser for indoor, outdoor, hothouses, vegetable gardens, lawns and crop farming.

Fertilis is easy-to-use; odourless; weed-free; guaranteed not to burn, and suitable for All soils and plants.

Fertilis is available in the following sizes 5dm; 15dm; 30dm; 60dm, in retail nurseries as well as for landscapers and farmers.

Fertilis ™ is made by feeding cow manure to the red wriggler earthworms (Eisenia fetida).  As these earthworms process the manure odours and pathogens are removed, the pH levels are balanced, and ZILLIONS of BENEFICIAL micro-organisms are created.

Fertilis is HUMUS – Nature’s life-giving essence that creates healthy SOIL, which is central to all life on earth.

Adding Fertilis to the soil introduces all these beneficial micro-organisms to establish themselves and so regenerate the soils.

Fertilis helps to unlock the nutrients and create fertility and water-holding capacity in all soils.

Fertilis, although classified as a “fertiliser” is actually a SOIL ENHANCER and organic facilitator: it facilitates the fertility in the soil by making the nutrients available to the plants. In this helpful environment, the plant roots are able to absorb exactly what nutrients they need when they need it……

As with our bodies, we are only able to absorb FOODSTATE nutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc).

It’s exactly the same as with plants – the Fertilis helps the nutrients in the soil become available in FOODSTATE form to the plants.


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