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The Talborne Organic Fertilizers are a value for money purchase for the following reasons:

  • They appear double the price on shelf at first glance but are used differently to other fertilisers and actually end up working out as a more cost effective option as you use 1 bag every 4 months whereas you would use 3 or 4 bags of another fertiliser in the same 4 month period.
  • You only use 100g/ 1 handful per m² once every 4 months – Therefore 2kg’s covers 20m², 5kg covers 50m² and 10kg covers 100m² and a 25kg covers 250m² for 4 months.
  • You get the full spectrum of N:P:K as well as additional nutrients that the plants require for optimum growth
  • They are certified organic and therefore safe for the environment, pets and children
  • The Vita Grow 2:3:2 contains bone meal so this doesn’t need to be applied additionally.
  • They do not burn
  • Water Wise – The use of Vita Fertilisers saves Water as they do not have a salt content and do not dissolve – the micro organisms in the soil break down the fertiliser and release the nutrition to the plants
  • They do not leach out, you therefore get the full value of fertiliser paid for.

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