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Find organic, free range and non GMO farms and retail outlets. 

Posted 2 months ago by Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd

Zero-waste natural foods store featuring food items & personal care products in bulk. 1 min walk from District Six Museum Address: 5 Constitution St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town,...

 Plastic-Free Grocery Stores /  Western Cape / 58 views

Posted 1 month ago by Yours Truly Inc

Yours Truly Inc is an online hub with an extensive range of natural wellness products, ethical foods, spices and herbs, books, recipes, clothing and accessories,...

 Organic Health & Personal Care Products /  South Africa / 42 views

Urban Fresh


Posted 1 month ago by UrbanFresh

We Promote Local Farmers and Trade in Natural and Organic Fresh Produce We specialize in Natural and Organic Fresh Vegetables and Herbs. In addition we...

 Organic, Non GMO and Free Range Food /  Gauteng / 61 views

Posted 1 month ago by Sundale Free Range Dairy Farm

Sundale is a family owned business with a proud heritage. Everyone in the Sundale family is committed to the Sundale promise to provide the best...

 Organic Non GMO and Free Range Farms /  Eastern Cape / 26 views

Posted 1 month ago by Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd


 Organic Non GMO and Free Range Farms /  Gauteng / 30 views

Posted 2 months ago by Georgiev Farm

After living most of our lives in cities, we decided to move away and start farming in 2015. Garlic, eggs and seasonal fruit and vegetables...

 Organic Non GMO and Free Range Farms /  Western Cape / 62 views

Posted 1 month ago by Happy Land Farm

Contact Robert 0834956532 10 am – 2 pm Monday-Friday 10 am – 3 pm Saturdays By appointment Monday-Friday afternoons, please call or email for...

 Poultry Breeders - Broilers Layers and Chicks /  Gauteng / 26 views

Posted 1 month ago by Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd

soya non GMO soya Processors and exporters of soya products in Brazil and abroad. Non-GMO: soybeans, soy meal, soy oil, and corn

 Bulk Commodities /  Brazil

Posted 2 months ago by Organic Choice

Organic Choice Health Shop Cnr Lenchen Ave North & Embankment RdCenturion 0046, Gauteng, RSA +27 (0)12 663 1667 Most of us know what organic...

 Organic Health & Personal Care Products /  Gauteng / 35 views

Posted 1 month ago by The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree, is a unique and authentic health shop located in the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town. Nicola Zaina, the owner of the...

 Organic Health & Personal Care Products /  Western Cape / 92 views

Posted 1 month ago by Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd

white maize non GMO and other wheat sugar beans sugar organic fertilizers Products available according to seasonal availability.

 Bulk Commodities /  South Africa

Posted 1 month ago by Tori Raine

For sales enquiries please contact Moira Hampson: 083 647 1069, Products can be bought direct from the farm or from Impala Butchery and other...

 Organic, Non GMO and Free Range Food /  Gauteng / 40 views

Posted 1 month ago by Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd

GMO and non GMO white and yellow maize wheat  

 Bulk Commodities /  South Africa

The listings below are all moving to the above system. 

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      To access Bulk Commodities you need a Company Account. We have farmers, traders and other listings for the following products: 

      • white non GMO maize (SA)
      • sugar (SA)
      • non gmo soya (Brazil)
      • sugar beans (SA)
      • bulk milk (SA)
      • bulk cheese (SA)

      The bulk commodity suppliers are not necessarily organic, they are added in the interests of preventing advance fee non delivery which is prevalent in the industry. 


      Please do not ask Ethical Suppliers for quotes on the above commodities you need to contact the listed companies directly

      Disclaimer: The adverts on this website are  displayed automatically according to Google’s algorithms and Ethical Suppliers does not specifically endorse any of those products unless otherwise stated. 


      Fraudsters can even be on Forbes

      I posted this a while ago but noticed it had been deleted, perhaps by myself accidentally. So a repeat reminder - exercise extreme caution when doing business, there are facilities such as escrow accounts, COD (even big amounts can be processed instantly) and other measures to protect funds against advance fee non delivery fraud. Rather safe than sorry! New details emerge on arrest of Forbes-celebrated young Nigerian billionaire in the U.S. over $11m fraud ...
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      Some pointers when buying maize

      Every week we get complaints of fraud or near-fraud being committed in the commodities industry. Buyers want to be cautious but few have the time or inclination to go swanning about the country looking for maize. So here are some questions you can ask before you take things further with a new non gmo maize supplier. This would form part of your basic Due Diligence procedure. We cannot publish details of our exact due diligence procedure because that would compromise our security but if there is ever any doubt just use specially structured escrow accounts and reputable suppliers to protect ...
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      Free Open Educational Resources

      Open Education Centre was launched in 2019 as an online education hub for teachers and students. Watch it grow on ...
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      by Lara Whybrow Dear Readers, Please be aware that I have had NUMEROUS people phoning me complaining of being scammed by Hulmac. Please trade safe and do due diligence. This is not corporate espionage, I can confirm this myself and will gladly provide more information to the right people if there are any doubts about the matter ...
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      NSPCA says Pick n Pay misleading consumers about sow friendly pork

      by Lara Whybrow Pick n Pay has started labeling certain pork products as being "sow friendly" but the NSPCA claims this is misleading. Click here to read about the NSPCA's claims. They basically say that Pick n Pay producers still use sow crates and that Pick n Pay have their own ideas about what "sow friendly" is. Sows are female pigs and they have absolutely miserable lives as they are mostly kept pregnant their whole lives and confined to tiny metal cages indoors. sow crates This extract details more about the horrific conditions: When they’re old enough to give birth, ...
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