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      by Lara Whybrow Dear Readers, Please be aware that I have had NUMEROUS people phoning me complaining of being scammed
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      St Johns Wort & Other Medicinal Plant Seeds for Sale in South Africa
      St John’s Wort is a natural antidepressant and mood enhancer which is used to treat cases of mild depression. We
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      NSPCA says Pick n Pay misleading consumers about sow friendly pork
      by Lara Whybrow Pick n Pay has started labeling certain pork products as being “sow friendly” but the NSPCA claims
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      Farming Ebooks & Resources
      Our ebook library has loads of resources on farming to help you grow anything. Not all the guides are for
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      Google Says Factory Farming Too Graphic
      Were you aware that Google doesn’t allow Adsense Ads on our factory farming post because the content is TOO GRAPHIC?
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      Organic Farmers Markets in South Africa
      List also includes farm to table restaurants and other related places.  Dargle Trade Organic Market On the Third Thursday of
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      Resources on Organic Farming Principles
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      Commodity Suppliers Database – Suppliers Profile
      Contact details of South African farmers, title holders, commodity suppliers or otherwise reliable sources for: Maize (non GMO white maize,
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      Unethical Companies
      Offenses committed by these companies include: sweatshops, human and animal rights abuse, water pollution, price fixing, deadly chemicals and irresponsible
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      pork factory farming
      Factory Farming (warning NOT for sensitive viewers)
      WARNING: What you are about to see regarding factory farming is extremely upsetting for most normal people. Not For Sensitive
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      Recently Added Retailers

      Urban Fresh Farm – Alexandria Johannesburg AboutWe Promote Local Farmers and Trade in Natural and Organic Fresh Produce ProductsWe specialize in Natural and Organic Fresh
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      Georgiev Farm – Organic Food & Free Range Eggs
      After living most of our lives in cities, we decided to move away and start farming in 2015. Garlic, eggs
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      Kula Organics – Organic Farm & Delivery
      Address for geo-locator purposes only, please contact Kula Organics to arrange delivery. KULA IS A FRESH FOOD MOVEMENT, AIMED AT
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      free range dairy farm
      Sundale Free Range Dairy Farm
      Sundale is a family owned business with a proud heritage. Everyone in the Sundale family is committed to the Sundale
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      Happy Land Farm Free Range Chicken
      Happy Land Farm – Free Range Broilers and Layers
      Contact Robert 0834956532 10 am – 2 pm Monday-Friday 10 am – 3 pm Saturdays By appointment Monday-Friday afternoons,
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