Organization dedicated to the promotion, sales and procurement of organic and GM free products. Procuring through the organization funds community empowerment and philanthropic projects.

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      The non GMO maize mill which we used to supply our customers with white non GMO maize meal has liquidated and we will thus be unable to supply this product until further notice.
      An anonymous user has emailed us to warn farmers NOT to sign exclusive supplier agreements with Woolworths. If they need product badly enough they will buy, you do not need to exclusively supply only to Woolworths. Apparently Woolworths sometimes stops using a supplier after a few months and because that supplier was exclusively selling to
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      AFGRI leads the way in support of agricultural development 31/03/2016/in Frontpage Article, News /by Lynne Bothma AFGRI, South Africa’s preeminent agricultural services and food processing company, was delisted from the JSE two years ago. During this time, the strategic imperative put in place by the company – to drive food security across the continent – has delivered an array
      Note: We supply legal maize from SA, Mexico and sometimes Zambia. Malawi has tightened its border controls to stop profiteers smuggling much-needed maize out of the country in search of higher prices. Months of drought have left more than a third of the population reliant on food aid, and last month the government invoked the
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      2 weeks ago

      Ethical Suppliers Pty Ltd

      Balance is key...Another way of looking at things....

      Photo Sign at Sweetbay Nursery in Parrish by ‎Trudy Kenderdine‎

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      2 months ago

      Ethical Suppliers Pty Ltd

      Hashem Al-Ghaili
      Lab-Grown Meat Could Be On Sale By End Of 2018.

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      2 months ago

      Ethical Suppliers Pty Ltd

      We Can Save The World
      This is what the food of the future looks like as the world population climbs towards 9 billion people.

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      2 months ago

      Ethical Suppliers Pty Ltd

      NowThis Future
      Algae is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have access to on Earth. This is how it could revolutionize sustainable energy. Make sure to follow Focal Point for the best science stories. (via Focal Point)

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