About Our Trust Grade System for Commodity Suppliers

Grade 3 – Unverified, Reference Only

We get a lot of brokers and companies trying to offer their products to us. Some of these we verify and add to our database as Grade 2 listings, but many just don’t meet those initial requirements which are:

  • web presence and company e-mail account
  • detailed product origin information, pictures
  • knows who the end supplier/title holder is
  • realistic pricing

This does not in any imply that these companies or individuals are not genuine or capable of delivering,only simply that they are in our system but not listed in our database due to more information being required.

Grade 2 – Unverified

These companies passed the initial requirements and seem more than capable of delivering on their product offers.

Grade 1 – Verified

These are Fortune 500 companies and companies that supply other major known distributors.

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