Activist Groups (Petition, Donate, Spread the Word!) This is one of the world’s largest activist groups. They have managed to make some real changes such as ending the flogging of a rape survivor, ending the slaughter of fin whales, stopping a global tax scam, getting major clothing manufacturers to improve their safety – so much more! Read about their victories here The NSPCA does an enormous amount of work in fighting unethical farms and animal cruelty. Please support them by making a donation to the acc details below: ACCOUNT NAME – NSPCA ACCOUNT NUMBER – 201 032 0015 ACCOUNT TYPE – CURRENT BANK – STANDARD BRANCH – ALBERTON BRANCH CODE – 006 405

South African Animal Rights group:‎ – anti human trafficking of men women and children‎ – BAD PRESS ABOUT GREENPEACE and SEALS

Animal Cruelty League

Beauty Without Cruelty‎

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund-

Site for child abuse prevention:

African Centre for Biosafety

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB)

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) campaigns against the genetic engineering, privatization, industrialization and corporate control of Africa’s food systems and the commodification of nature and knowledge. It supports efforts towards food systems that are equitable and ecologically sustainable, built upon the principles of food sovereignty/agro-ecology. The ACB provides research, policy, analysis, advocacy and knowledge sharing.

Johannesburg, South Africa


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