Organic Farmers Markets in South Africa

List also includes farm to table restaurants and other related places. 

Dargle Trade Organic Market

On the Third Thursday of each month, we gather on the veranda of Il Postino Pizzeria with our boxes and bags of local deliciousness. You will be amazed at the variety of produce and usually go home with more than you brought! Read about some of the Dargle producers on …

Pretoria Boeremark

This farmers market in Pretoria is not an organic market but one can still find fresh produce straight from the farm. There are probably a few organic stalls too, especially since organic food is becoming more and more popular as people prefer healthier and more environmentally friendly options.

Oranjezicht City Farm Organic Market

Held every Saturday at the historic Granger Bay site of the V&A Waterfront, the OZCF Market Day is a community farmers-style market for independent local farmers and artisanal food producers. At the OZCF Market customers can do weekly food shopping (veg, fruit, bread, organic dairy, free-range eggs, honey, muesli etc), …

Commodity Suppliers Database – Suppliers Profile

Contact details of South African farmers, title holders, commodity suppliers or otherwise reliable sources for:

  • Maize (non GMO white maize, GMO white maize, also yellow maize for animal feed
  • Soya (including non GMO soya)
  • Milling wheat
  • Sugar (white, brown)
  • Rice (including broken rice for dogfood etc
  • Sugar beans (light red speckled kidney beans)
  • organic fruit and vegetables
  • Salt, carbonates
  • Diatomaceous Earth Mine
  • Logistics companies doing routes in Africa
  • Shipping companies 
  • Railways
  • Permits
  • Inspection Agencies
  • Top 500 chinese companies in import/export 
  • Commodity brokers

All presented in an excel file for easy editing and are great for procurement and marketing. To purchase the database (R199) email

Unethical Companies

Offenses committed by these companies include: sweatshops, human and animal rights abuse, water pollution, price fixing, deadly chemicals and irresponsible or unethical waste management and others.

These are just our opinions, feel free to tell us why you do or don’t agree by sending an e-mail.




Baumaux – For those of you who don’t know Kokopelli, they’re a French-based seedsaver organisation who maintain 2500 varieties of rare and endangered vegetables and run several charitable initiatives in developing countries. Their work is vital and indefatiguable. Unfortunately it’s also illegal, due to the preposterously backward seed laws in Europe, and this has now resulted in them being clobbered with a €35,000 fine. The gist of it is that Kokopelli were hounded through the courts by a commercial seed company, Baumaux (shame and damnation on them) because their catalogue of thousands of unique heirloom vegetables gave them an “unfair trading advantage”. –




Church and Dwight



Companies not against animal testing

Conga foods

Cumberland Poultry – for selling layer cages for chickens. Layer cages are used to keep chickens confined and allowing for automated egg collection, which means thousands of chickens cooped up without access to the outside. Disgusting!

Estee Lauder



Goldi Chicken South Africa – chickens are not free range, kept indoors. Click here to see a picture of a Goldi chicken contract farmer we found on Facebook

Grupo Mexico





Johnson and Johnson

Kao Corporation

Karan Beef – South Africa


Kopi Luwak




Manjoh Ranch

Many Chinese companies






Nestle: this company is on too many boycott lists to mention and has a lot of bad press, most recently regarding a water scandal where they arranged a deal to pay next to nothing for water – as if they weren’t making enough profit already.

from Katie at

I’m surprised that you didn’t touch on the main reason I boycott Nestle.

They notoriously over-promote and push formula on women in third world countries. These women are told that formula is better for their babies and given free samples. Unfortunately, in the process they stop lactating and don’t have money to buy more formula. So they start thinning out the formula to make it stretch. Clean water is also hard to acquire, so they’re basically starving their own babies and feeding them dirty water instead. All because of Nestle’s formula push.


Nulaid Eggs – caged eggs (chickens permanently kept in cages with no space to move or stretch), end of lay chickens in disgusting state after reaching their “shelf life” as exposed in news article,

Occidental Petroleum

Optimum Coal Mine

Optimum Coal Mine

Peerless Foods



Phillip Morris

Pick n Pay -still selling banned rat poisons “Pick n Pay, in remarks attributed to merchandise director Kevin Korb, told noseweek that “there is a customer demand for the product and [it] is also stocked by our opposition”. In other words: “We’re making money and everybody else is killing wildlife and pets, so why can’t we?”…46f25aa365324d

Pomona Eggs in SA East Rand (caged laying hens)

Proctor and Gamble

Reckitt Benkiser



SC Johnson


Snack Brands Australia


Tetley, Tata





Wittington Investments

Woolworths – a lot of bad press, low quality food at high prices, they were involved in the scandal where meat was sold but when analyzed did not contain the ingredients as stated on the label, a designer shared their unethical practices   and Woolworths had such an arrogant dismissive tone in their response, not good enough) more plagiarism with the Frankie’s debacle,

 And this from : “This is even more reason to support farmers markets and your local small business. I know that some big retailers are trying to force farmers to sign agreements that prohibits them from selling direct to the public and this I believe is not correct.”

pork factory farming

Factory Farming (warning NOT for sensitive viewers)

WARNING: What you are about to see regarding factory farming is extremely upsetting for most normal people. Not For Sensitive Viewers.

Free Range Meat Suppliers List

Activist page with petitions where you can vote against or donate towards the fight against sow crates and other cruelties.

Modern meat chickens (broilers) are genetically modified to grow extra large in a really short amount of time. This puts such stress on their organs and bones that they sometimes get leg deformities, further reducing their ability to move. They are so heavy they sit a lot, and this results in sores from their feces. To further compound the problem they are often so squashed together they couldn’t really run around and get exercise even if they were able to move.

This is where fast food companies such as KFC and most retailers get their meat from.

Switching to free range chicken helps a little because even if the free range chicken breeds are the same ones above (intensively genetically engineered), they have a bit more exercise and a better quality of life. Ask your free range chicken supplier what breed – if it is a breed like Boschveld, Koekoek, Australorp or any of the other non GM breeds then this meat is a bit better as these chickens grow at a normal rate.

Pork farming is just as bad. Many farms use sow crates. This confines the sow (female pig) to a tiny pen that she can’t even move around in. She is confined in this cage for almost her whole life, solely to breed, like a machine.

The picture below is a particularly bad case

pork factory farming

Beef farming is almost as bad. Look at the following picture

The dots in the feedlot on the right are cattle. They have no shade or grass and are fed an unnatural diet of corn instead of grass. Many beef farmers also feed their cattle chicken manure, it is a dirty little secret. The public votes for this type of farming with their buying power because corn fed beef is usually a bit more tender than grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is free range so the meat is less tender due to the exercise the animals receive.

This picture is a typical feedlot and this is how most beef is produced. There are hundred of thousands of animals – this picture is just a small fraction! As you can see, there is absolutely no shelter from the sun or elements. All the animals are fed a maize-based feed which fattens them up as quickly as possible. This diet is not natural for the animals.

Even if animals are free range, they are usually mass slaughtered and many cows are terrified wrecks while they wait in line to die. There are videos of them being viciously poked in the eyes and even pushed along the ground with forklifts because they are so scared and wont cooperate.

Mass slaughter means that some animals aren’t stunned properly or their throats aren’t slit cleanly so they either lie in pain dying slowly or they get thrown in vats of boiling water while still alive.

Below are some videos of factory farming, Youtube is full of them. Seeing pictures is one thing, actually watching the videos and hearing the animals is more than most decent people can handle. Please go vegan or at least only buy free range, preferably from your local farmer who has a family to support.
South African Unethical Pig Farm

Meet Your Meat: PETA video

Can You Handle The Truth?
Many cows suffer greatly in the worldwide beef, dairy and veal industries. Here is some information on typical factory farming methods used around the world:


Quick Facts
Cows can live to 25 years, but beef cows are generally killed at just one to three years of age.
While beef cows begin their lives grazing on pasture, most spend their final months standing in their own waste in a barren feedlot devoid of pasture or shelter.
On feedlots, beef cows often suffer from severe digestive disorders caused by the unnatural diet they are forced to consume.
The Basics
Cows raised for meat are the only factory farmed animals still raised largely outdoors. However, this does not mean they have easy or pain-free lives. They are branded and castrated without painkillers, may have their horns removed without painkillers, and live outdoors amid all weather extremes.
Between the ages of six months and one year, beef cows are sent to live their last few months in feedlots with hundreds or even thousands of others. Without pasture and often without shelter, the cows must stand in their own waste, and sometimes mud and ice. To increase their weight, they are fed an unnatural grain diet that is very hard on their bodies, causing illness, pain and sometimes death.
Dairy Cows

Quick Facts
Today’s dairy cows each produce about 100 pounds of milk per day—10 times more than cows living just a few decades ago. This is due to bovine growth hormones, unnatural diets and being bred selectively for massive milk production.
75% of downed animals are dairy cows.
About 9 million cows are being used for milk production in the United States at any given time.
read the rest of the article at:
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Legal Protections for Farm Animals
While most Americans expect our laws to protect farm animals, the reality falls far short. Animals raised for food are among the least-protected class of animals in our nation. The U.S. has no federal laws protecting farm animals while they’re actually on the farms where they are raised.

Making Welfare-Conscious Choices
We believe that farm animal suffering can be reduced through expanded education about more humane farming methods, smart shopping, and reduced consumption of animal products. At every step of their lives, farm animals must be treated with compassion and protected from suffering.

The ASPCA and Farm Animals
Since 1866, the ASPCA has worked to stop cruelty to animals involved in the food production process. The industry has fallen into the hands of large corporations, and the issue of cruelty remains. The ASPCA continues its efforts to create distress-free lives for the many animals raised for food.

Pigs on Factory Farms
The U.S. raises some 100 million pigs for food each year, virtually all in factory farms. Industrial-scale pig farms are known for their intensive, inhospitable conditions. Pigs can live up to 15 years, but most of those raised on factory farms are slaughtered at just six months.

Birds on Factory Farms
Birds are by far the most abused type of animal in the United States. Roughly 8.5 billion chickens are killed for their meat every year, while another 300 million languish in tiny cages producing our country’s eggs. All birds are excluded from all federal animal protection laws.

Farm Animal Cruelty Glossary
Billions of farm animals nationwide suffer under inhumane conditions on factory farms, which are large, industrial operations that raise large numbers of animals for food. Read these terms to find out more about the cruel practices associated with factory farming.
Free Range chickens – this label can be misleading!

Crammed in: Chickens are huddled into a barn in a free-range farm

Look for “pastured” or “grass-fed” labels as sometimes an unethical farm can label their eggs as free range because there is an open door to go outside, but outside there is just a cement courtyard or something.
Animal cruelty charges for ex-agriculture MEC

August 14 2009 at 08:56pm –

If you are still reading this, you deserve a medal for bravery! Here are some pictures of free range farming to help you feel a bit better

free range hens for sale
This is one of the members of my personal chicken flock. A blue leghorn pullet (young female chicken) walks next to my Jack Russel dog in companionable silence.

Commodity Brokers

The following brokers may be able to assist with product offers, please note that these are independent brokers and are not directly affiliated with Ethical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd.

Wesley Le Roux

Bulk commodities such as maize, sugar, soya, beans and other products

Andrea Taylor

Agrismart Trading

Agrismart Trading

Other Brokers          
Bahati Terry 011 440 1731 082 828 9911    
Donald     084 487 3783    
Maize Broker Stefan Bothma   079 516 1360    
Rhino Holdings Tshepo 010 003 7763      
Maize Buyer (Broker) Frans Wessels   079 571 3984
Maize Buyer (Broker) Saul Novack   084 8222 121    
TANYA GONCALVES 079 198 7518 67 PLINLIMMON RD,THE HILL EXT 1, JHB ALVAROG TRADING <> broker – buyers for diesel and fuels    
pandorosa p <> broker – maize 27652722358 broker – maize      
Jacques du Toit <> broker – maize      
Ernest Washens Nyambe <> Zambia  maize and logistics 
Gavin Gallagher <> broker – maize      
Zaid Kara <> eggs buyer      
NTP Group Int <> beans broker      
Yzette Oelofse <> maize broker      
Dr Henry Wanyama 829733743 Maize  

About Our Trust Grade System for Commodity Suppliers

Grade 3 – Unverified, Reference Only

We get a lot of brokers and companies trying to offer their products to us. Some of these we verify and add to our database as Grade 2 listings, but many just don’t meet those initial requirements which are:

  • web presence and company e-mail account
  • detailed product origin information, pictures
  • knows who the end supplier/title holder is
  • realistic pricing

This does not in any imply that these companies or individuals are not genuine or capable of delivering,only simply that they are in our system but not listed in our database due to more information being required.

Grade 2 – Unverified

These companies passed the initial requirements and seem more than capable of delivering on their product offers.

Grade 1 – Verified

These are Fortune 500 companies and companies that supply other major known distributors.

Fraudulent Documents & Other Scams

Please report any fraud to Do your due diligence!

To prevent people using our documents or look alikes to defraud people, please make sure you call Lara +2771 484 5295 before making any payments as Ethical Suppliers does not sell commodities directly anymore except under certain circumstances.

Deposit Fraud – Pretoria Rental Scam

Name: Thabo Daniel Mogalanyane ID NO: 810717 5588 081 Contact…

HulMac – Fake non GMO white maize certificate

This is one of our certificates that has been tampered…

Scam – non gmo white maize, bales and more

We can’t reveal our methods of fraud detection or exact…


The only contact details we have are for a gentleman…

AGM Pyrethrum PX63Z Scam

Since 2016 we have been receiving an average of 2…

Khalinga Trading Linked to MOZIMPEX and Convicted Criminal

Via methods we cannot disclose publicly due to security, we…

Naova Group: Fake Ukrainian non GMO White Maize

There are a whole batch of fake Ukrainian white maize…

Fake SGS certificates, source unknown

We received this from a certain company, and they do…

Fake SGS Certificate from Eastern Cape SA

Company: Mark Peter Trading (Pty) Ltd

Activist Groups (Petition, Donate, Spread the Word!) This is one of the world’s largest activist groups. They have managed to make some real changes such as ending the flogging of a rape survivor, ending the slaughter of fin whales, stopping a global tax scam, getting major clothing manufacturers to improve their safety – so much more! Read about their victories here The NSPCA does an enormous amount of work in fighting unethical farms and animal cruelty. Please support them by making a donation to the acc details below: ACCOUNT NAME – NSPCA ACCOUNT NUMBER – 201 032 0015 ACCOUNT TYPE – CURRENT BANK – STANDARD BRANCH – ALBERTON BRANCH CODE – 006 405

South African Animal Rights group:‎ – anti human trafficking of men women and children‎ – BAD PRESS ABOUT GREENPEACE and SEALS

Animal Cruelty League

Beauty Without Cruelty‎

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund-

Site for child abuse prevention:

African Centre for Biosafety

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB)

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) campaigns against the genetic engineering, privatization, industrialization and corporate control of Africa’s food systems and the commodification of nature and knowledge. It supports efforts towards food systems that are equitable and ecologically sustainable, built upon the principles of food sovereignty/agro-ecology. The ACB provides research, policy, analysis, advocacy and knowledge sharing.

Johannesburg, South Africa


Heirloom/Organic/Open Pollinated Seed Suppliers List

GMO FREE SEED – South Africa

DeltasaadMaize Bred to suit all kinds of Climates in SA, for Commercial & smaller Crops:(100% uncontaminated, gmo-free)Contact Willie VisserMarketing Manager 083 260 5224(gm-free Soy will be ready for 2014 growing season)

Living SeedsHeirloom, Herb, Open -Pollinated Vegie Seeds & Everything you need for your Organic Garden: Heirloom Seeds (Pty) LtdP.O.Box 1421Henley-on-Klip1962Monday to Friday 08h00 – 16h00Telephone: 071 911 5159Fax: 086 624 4773Email:

Organic seeds available to order from Emma Kelly:Inbox your orders to: complete List, please Email: emn8ing@gmail.comList of seeds – changing as the seasons all the time:Maize: White, Popping, Sweetcorn.Maize (limited): Rainbow Inca, Blue, Bloody Red.Greens: Spinach (Sea Bolt), Swiss Chard, Rainbow Spinach etc.Beans: Red Speckled Kidney, White, Ouma Sarie, Purple, Bountiful Stringless, Painted Lady Runner etc.Peas: Pigeon, Cow, Sugar Pod, Sugar Daddy, Chick & Blue Podded.Lettuce: Gourmet Mix, Mesculin Mix, Butterhead, Oak Leaf, Amish Deer Tongue etc.Tomatoes: Mexican Yellow, Ox Heart, Florade, Yellow Pear, Purple Dragon, Cherry etc.<p> Cucumber: African Horned, Crystal Apple, Poona Keera, Long Slender etc.</p>Many others, incl. squash, sunflowers, rooted veggies, aubergine, brassicas, cabbage, peppers, fruits, herbs & grains.

UKUVUNA Optimized Sustainable Projects(A Zulu word for Abundant Harvest)All seeds are free of GMOs & organically grown. Please contact us for a list of Summer & Winter Vegetables & Crops at Ukuvuna for sale.John Nzira, DirectorTel: +27 (83) 665 3356johnnzira@gmail.comurbanfrmng@gmail.com50 Pretorius Rd, President Park, Midrand, 1685Visit our website for all our Services & Products:www.urbanfarming.yolasite.comPO Box 6032, Halfway House, 1685

So Delicious with VanessaHeirloom seed & garden gadgets. All seeds are organic, heirloom & open-pollinated varieties grown by specialized farmers who do not support GMOs. We are vehemently anti-GMO & have gone to great lengths to import only pure heirloom seed.Contact Vanessa:

Hart NurseryFamily owned Organic Retail Nursery. Non-GM Seed, organic vegie & herb plants, accessories, organic fertilisers, botanical/ organic insecticides as well as advice & assistance. Volcanic Rock Dust which comprises 72 minerals & trace elements to promote healthy plant growth. Use of old fashioned methods eg. vinegar, castor oil, honey & cinnamon powder to promote an environmentally friendly & cost effective approach to gardening.Gary & Pam Hart: Just by going organic, we now breed chameleons, frogs, lizards etc. We have also recorded 72 of the 139 species of birds in our nursery. +27 21 703 8689Email: 350 Ottery Rd, Ottery, Cape Town.

Mahlathini Organic Seed

Basilhof Farm