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Please be aware that scammers place their own banking details on well known company documentation in order to receive fraudulent payments in their accounts. They will pretend to be agents for us or that we are their suppliers. Please speak to Lara Whybrow on 071 484 5295 before making any payments!
The non GMO maize mill which we used to supply our customers with white non GMO maize meal has liquidated and we will thus be unable to supply this product until further notice.
An anonymous user has emailed us to warn farmers NOT to sign exclusive supplier agreements with Woolworths. If they need product badly enough they will buy, you do not need to exclusively supply only to Woolworths. Apparently Woolworths sometimes stops using a supplier after a few months and because that supplier was exclusively selling to
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AFGRI leads the way in support of agricultural development 31/03/2016/in Frontpage Article, News /by Lynne Bothma AFGRI, South Africa’s preeminent agricultural services and food processing company, was delisted from the JSE two years ago. During this time, the strategic imperative put in place by the company – to drive food security across the continent – has delivered an array
Note: We supply legal maize from SA, Mexico and sometimes Zambia. Malawi has tightened its border controls to stop profiteers smuggling much-needed maize out of the country in search of higher prices. Months of drought have left more than a third of the population reliant on food aid, and last month the government invoked the
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Please contact or call 071 484 5295 if you are interested in making a purchase. Product profile page
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Price: R2500 Minimum order: 1000 tons (Price goes up considerably for smaller quantities) Mexican maize. The featured product image is of other maize not this specific maize, updated image to follow shortly. But the maize is all from the supplier and product quality and color is nearly identical. South African non GMO maize is of
Social media is a great way to assess the general mind sets of the populace and popular memes are even more precise. There is a popular meme going around which has different scenarios and items but the general storyline is the same. The story starts with a wealthy person stepping out of his luxury sportscar
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non GMO white maize
Price: R3600 per MT Location: Ex silo Migdol, North West Province, South Africa Imported from: Mexico 5000 tons available. For more information please visit the Product Profile South Africa produces some of the best white maize in the world but does not farm much non GMO maize. Ethical Suppliers endeavors to support local product over
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“For the Liberation of Seed and Soil” Association Kokopelli, a non-profit making organisation in France, was set up in 1999 to take up the torch of Terre de Semences in France, which was forced to close down following the enforcement of a ministerial decree (Ministry of Agriculture) imposing draconian conditions for the legal registration of