Caught in the act – battery hen cages being sold/advertised on Facebook

battery hens cage eggs animal cruelty factory farming on facebookSaw this while on Facebook – can’t believe some people still go for this sick, cruel way of “farming” – it’s not farming, it’s animal cruelty! Name and shame time! And yes, that is me ranting at the bottom. Probably going to get kicked off the group for those comments but who cares! I feel what I feel, and what I feel is disgust for factory farming.

What you see in the picture are cages for industrial egg production. The hen spends virtually her whole life in this cage, just laying an egg a day which rolls down into the gutter in the front. This is to save money, because God forbid we actually give people jobs! No, some people would rather just implement this way of “farming”. Disgusting. Hope no one buys their eggs.

Get a big patch of grass and a cozy barn and do it the right way people!

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