Discovery and Amazon Greedy for More

Dominating one market is not enough for these guzzlers, they want it ALL.

Amazon wants to build a solar power plant in South Africa. Clearly SA cannot manage anything else the govt wouldn’t be needing this outside investment/interference. Is Amazon not content with owning most of the world’s ecommerce market that they need to dominate every other market too? I see the same thing with Discovery, South Africa’s most popular health insurance company who are making such obscene profits that they are getting into the credit industry now too.

Ordinarily this sort of thing isn’t bad in itself – if a company is truly amazing they should definitely bring this expertise to other industries in need of some awesomeness. But Amazon has one of the worst reputations in the world as they deal with horrendous workplace and human resource issues. Discovery abused their staff’s human rights when they forced experimental medical procedures on them, not to mention their terrible customer service.

Should any of these companies be allowed more market share? No.

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