Empathic Resonance

Empathic Resonance

Social media is a great way to assess the general mind sets of the populace and popular memes are even more precise. There is a popular meme going around which has different scenarios and items but the general storyline is the same.

The story starts with a wealthy person stepping out of his luxury sportscar or getting off his expensive motorbike and a passer-by says indignantly “I wonder how many people could have been fed for the price of that car/bike/boat/mansion”. To which the owner of said item retorts that he is sure many people got fed – the workers in the factory making the items, the drivers that delivered the goods, the sales people, the business owners, and so on and so forth. The moral of the story is that charity lowers a person’s self worth and people should rather be paid for providing a service or product as that makes them feel valuable rather than just receiving handouts. This is the kind of thinking that can be dangerous, it can lead to people not giving money to charity or to beggars because these thoughts dominate – “get a job ”, “contribute to society you useless person” and other thoughts in a similar vein. Of course some people are opportunistic lazy good for nothings that society should ignore and isolate because these people are like damaged cancerous parts of the body. They need to be healed or isolated to prevent them spreading.

But the reality is that there are not many jobs. And things are getting expensive. And more and more people are becoming beggars or at the very least are living in extreme poverty. Beggars are often treated like pigeons: painfully sharp spikes are placed in the areas that they like to congregate so that it deters them and they find somewhere else to spoil.

Empathic Resonance?

This could also be termed emotional resonance.

The word empathy is similar to sympathy. Everyone knows sympathy – you feel sorry for someone when they are experiencing something bad. Empathy is similar except you not only feel sorry for that person but you actually experience what they are feeling. For example, if a person is empathic then if they are around someone with a headache they may complain of having a headache too. This is very common – just use the internet and you will find a large amount of people who are empaths and who complain of feeling other people’s emotions and physical discomfort. It would be amiss to just explain this away as mass delusions.

Now if we take that a step further, we can see that a lot of homeless people generating anxiety and fear into the atmosphere will be picked up by the surrounding inhabitants of the community. They will start experiencing economic insecurity. Emotional states often precede actual physical states, ie the subject manifests that which it fears. I strongly feel that there are certain metaphysical channels through which energy or life force flow, and if a person is feeling economically insecure they will hold onto their resources and block the OUTWARD flow of energy – thereby also blocking the INWARD flow.

So if we reverse the downward spiral and give more, we can make our fellow inhabitants of the world feel more secure thereby improving the emotional state of the world. The rewards are long term – a first world world. But the change starts with you.


Each of you.

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