We regretfully inform you that yet another client has lost 100k via a “botched deal” or more likely theft, which the following individuals are part of: Oclésia Velma Felisberto Manjate and another individual called Martin Edgar January. More details:

Aliases: iFresh Africa, iFresh Applications, All Seasons Fresh, All Seasons International, MOCM Connect, KJZ Services

e-mails: ifreshafrica@gmail.com, manjateoclesia@icloud.com,

Co reg no: K2013050695 (non compliant)

Address: 42 St Tropez, Harbour Island, Gordons Bay, Western Cape South Africa,

mobile numbers: +268 781 32113, +27 79 463 4681, +27 81 818 9317, +27 78 489 2687, +27 64 619 7052

The worst part is this client has no legal recourse as he paid the money over out of trust, but has not received any product or even a partial refund, at the time of writing. The client was “ghosted” (ignored) and given the run around. For weeks on end. Eventually realization dawned.

We call this theft because quite simply, money was paid and nothing was recieved. But whatever happened here (miscommunication, karma, incompetence, theft, whatever), it is our duty to inform for others doing due diligence.

Please use escrow accounts to protect your funds when performing large transactions or COD for smaller amounts. Cash on delivery also has a digital equivalent via FNB and other banks’ Pay and Clear Now function.

This goes without saying but: do due diligence BEFORE making payment not afterwards when you are wondering why the supplier is not responding to your calls! We get too many cases like these, and education, transparency and due diligence are the only means of preventing them.


  • Anonymous

    This guy is based in Genadendal now near Caledon. He lives in Berg Str Genadendal. He has conned numerous people like this in the past and needs to be brought to book. This is the way they operate.

    • Ethical Suppliers™ (Pty) Ltd

      Thank you so much for mentioning this!

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