by Lara Whybrow

Dear Readers,

Please be aware that I have had NUMEROUS people phoning me complaining of being scammed by Hulmac. Please trade safe and do due diligence. This is not corporate espionage, I can confirm this myself and will gladly provide more information to the right people if there are any doubts about the matter.

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  1. Can you please provide me more details. I have already started to deal with them.
    my mobile number is 00244935946888

    • Hi,
      We can’t provide any more information especially not publicly as fraudsters learn from what we know. But I can tell you that I receive calls almost weekly. Advance payment non delivery scam. Just collect. That is why provide a directory so that farmers are protected from scammers. We profile everyone before allowing them to buy the directory and have become MUCH MORE STRICT on new members.


      Lara Whybrow

  2. Thank you for putting this out there. I don’t understand how SA authorities can’t do anything about this!

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