KFC Chicken – Animal Abuse In Most Cases of Chicken Farming

If you have always wondered how your meat and animal products are produced, here’s how. On this website, modern farming is also called factory farming or conventional farming. Over the next few articles I will share the basics of modern food production. What you are about to read is not pleasant, and represents one of the most crucial things we need to change in our world along with other issues such as abuse, poverty, hunger etc.

Chickens raised for KFC and other chicken products have horrible lives in factory farms. Factory farming produces most of the food that the average South African eats and this food might as well be produced in a test tube for all the humanity that is in it. If the corporations could grow our food in a test tube they would, and believe me this kind of scenario is not far off! I have already heard they are looking at cloning cows!

Since many people are not aware where their food comes from and how the animals live, it can be hard to find out at first because of all the industry jargon and polished imagery. To test this, I tried to imagine that I knew nothing about farming, didn’t even know what a broiler (male chicken bred for meat) was, and Googled questions I imagined the average curious South African would ask. Such as

where does kfc get their chicken in south africa

I let Google autosuggest so that I know these are the most popular search terms. The first result is Rainbow Chickens. After a search on their website I could not find any pictures of the actual chicken farms. They are clever that way, they will have pictures of their chicken burgers, but none of the farms. So let me help you out here. This is a contract farm for Goldi Chickens, not Rainbow Chickens but the farming method is the same.

Goldi Chicken Farm NON Free Range Chicken













These are young chickens (chicks) in a large poultry barn which usually has no open windows or doors. The barn is temperature controlled and fluorescent lighting is used to regulate the chickens behavior. For example if they are not putting on weight fast enough the lights will be left on longer to encourage the chickens to eat more. Which is incredible because they already put on weight and grow at an alarming pace – it takes about 2 months for these chickens, known as broilers, to reach the age at which they will be slaughtered. Sometimes they grow too fast and their bodies can’t keep up so they become lame and can’t move. Because there are so many, they are not always removed quick enough and many have open wounds from sitting in their excrement for too long. Chickens are not just dumb animals that only care about eating. They are active, curious creatures and enjoy freedom, sunshine and fresh air just as much as any creature including you and me. They love scratching in the dirt, something they don’t have in the factory farms as pictured above and they are probably bored to death, unhealthy and depressed.

Below are some pictures of factory farm chickens close to the time when their short miserable lives are about to be over. After that are some pictures of my personal flock of chickens so that you can see what a healthy happy flock looks like. To buy free range chicken go to the online shop or contact the suppliers directly by searching through the site on the left. To start your own free range farm contact me on lara@ethicalsuppliers.co.za

broiler shed broiler-chickens-slide4 broiler-chickens-slide8 PEW_Big_Chicken














































personal free range chickens 2














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