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A Fresh Earth is exactly what we would like to see in the future, so we named our business after our deepest desire. Our passion...

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TLU SA het 1992 baanbrekerswerk gedoen met die vestiging van 'n Boeremarkkonsep wat landswyd in verskillende vorms toegepas word. Die konsep berus op 'n verkorting...

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Foodieness is your one-stop organic grocery shop in Pretoria. We are an online and physical retail store that provides high quality whole foods that are...

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Rosemary Hill is a beautiful estate where guests can reconnect with nature, experience farm life, eat fresh organic food, explore the trails and find space to breathe....

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YOUR HOSTS, LINDA AND PETER WELCOME YOU TO PUSCHKA FARM.   On Puschka Farm farm we  no longer farm commercially but still focus on self...

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Natural rearing of top quality free range chickens in the Natal Midlands that contain no antibiotics, artificial additives, brine or hormones. Producing happy, healthy birds...

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Sundale is a family owned business with a proud heritage. Everyone in the Sundale family is committed to the Sundale promise to provide the best...

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Kula Organic Farm


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Apply to Join the Agri Investment Group

Firstly, this is not a massive investment fund. This is my personal initiative and is funded by me, I already fund all the costs related to Ethical Suppliers and Open Education Centre. This initiative is really for the poorest of the poor who have practically nothing and need a helping hand to get somewhere.  

I used to be a chicken and pecan nut farmer a few years ago and had to quit because of family issues with the property. So yes, I have experience in farming, as well as an education site for farmers, Open Education Centre

From a little seed we can grow big things. Nature has all the means by which we can grow our money and farming is a way to do this while at the same time providing food for families and communities. 

I will buy most of the starter stock eg seeds and chicks, saplings, and so on. Watering costs will not be covered but we will try reduce water consumption as far as possible with the use of mulch and other methods to keep costs down. 

You will need to fetch the stock from the supplier if I cannot have it delivered, prepare the earth, sow the seed, water/irrigate and generally manage all day to day operations. If you are in Pretoria I will assist with the manual labour.

For the chicken farm you will need to construct a simple roosting perch from sticks and a simple hut with a basic door which can close at night. This can all be done with wood and salvaged materials. No floor needed, sand floors are best and I will explain why later. Eggs need to be collected daily and a small percentage of the eggs need to be marked and  left in their clutches in the hope that broody hens will hatch them out. We are trying to breed broodiness back in as this is in accordance with natural and humane principles. 

Once the operation turns profitable and I have recouped 200% of my total investment I will withdraw.

Remember – this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, this is only for individuals who share the same principles of ethical, eco friendly and humane farming. Profits will only start coming in after a few months, sometimes even up to a year or two, it all depends on what we are farming. 

Think about ways that you can “pay it forward”, eg seed donations etc, because this principle is extremely important. 

If all this excites you and you want to be part of the group please continue the application process below. I know it is long and tedious but I really want to get to know you a little better as we will be working closely together and I want to make sure we are a good fit :) 

If you would like to help fund the initiative please contact or 071 484 5295. 

Personal Details
Large garden
Communal land
Large plot
I don't have any land
Chicken farming
Fruit and Vegetables
Medicinal Plants
Other (please add details below)