non GMO white maize

Non GMO White Maize – 5000 tons available @ R3600 p/MT

Price: R3600 per MT

Location: Ex silo Migdol, North West Province, South Africa

Imported from: Mexico

5000 tons available.

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South Africa produces some of the best white maize in the world but does not farm much non GMO maize. Ethical Suppliers endeavors to support local product over imports as far as possible and offers both local and imported non GMO white maize.

This maize was imported from Mexico last year around August and is currently in a rail-linked silo in Migdol, North West province in South Africa. The maize is irrigated and not as hard as South African maize but is perfectly suitable for milling and other applications if the consumer would like a lower priced option to South African maize. Mexico also does not grow GM crops so there is no cross pollination occurring with GM crops. Mexico is the “birthplace” of maize, or corn as it is commonly called, and there are various groups in Mexico dedicated to preserving heritage seed.

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  1. We would be interested in your maize if the price can come down.We have an enquiry for 90,000 tons to be hauled to Zimbabwe.Please let us know if you can supply the whole tonnage.

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