Hens and Roosters for Sale – Henmar Hatchery

Henmar Hatchery does popular types of free range- chickens, fertile eggs and large range of imported INCUBATORS, HATCHERS  and all accessories.  See separate price list for prices and pictures of Incubators , hatchers

Chickens Vaccinated according to prescribed program up to selling age.

C3. BOSCHVELDERS:  Also called the AFRICA chicken. Bred to be a hardy free-ranger.

C6,  LEGHORN:  Amber-blue color. Excellent free- range egg layer.

C5,  VALERS:  New Humshire/Rhode Island hens cross Boshvelder cocks. Large brown/red.                    Prices for:  C3, C6, C5: Day-old R20, Week-old R25,  2 wks R30, 3 weeks R45,   4-wks  R60,   6 wks R80,  8-wks R100, 10 wks  R130,     3 moths R160.    4 months R 200,      point-of-lay R250.     Eggs R10  ea.

C2, BLACK  AUSTRALORPE. Bred out of show quality parantstock.Large, proud looking black chickens .           B3, WYANDOTTE GOLDEN LACED: Very rare, rose comb beaty’s.

C1,  KOEKOEKS: Pure bred Potch Koekoek. Very hardy South African.

C4, RHODE  ISLAND WHITE. Very rare pure white very large excellent egg layer.                                                 A2. RHODE ISLAND RED: Large type Mahogany Red.

A6. New Humpshires: Big, brown pure bred with black feathers in tail.                                                                                                                                                                                Prices: C2, B3, C1, C4, A2, A6 :  Day-old R30,   week-old R40,   2-weeks R50,  3-weeks R60,    month R75,       6-weeks R100,  8 weeks R130, 10 wks R160, 3 months R200,4 months R250, p of lay R300.   Eggs R15.00 .

B2: Vendas.


S, SUSSEX LIGHT,   Day-old R60. Week R70, 2 weeks R80, 3 weeks R90, month R100, 6 week R140, 8 weeks R180,  10 wks R240,  3 months R300,  4 months R400,  Point-of-lay (20 weeks) R500.  Eggs R30 ea.

Fertile eggs,and  Incubators can be transported by courier.  

Bank details: H K Lamprecht. ABSA, Acc no. 1002081578 Code 630-137,

Email  adr: valer@vodamail.co.za      Cell:  082 552 7133

GPS Co-ordinates:  S 26 degrees 25’ 21.5”                    E 28 degrees 07’ 09.2”

Address: Plot 3, Marlborough rd. Gardenvale, Klipriver.  (Between Alberton and Meyerton)

URGENT: Pls make appointment before visit. Bring crates or boxes to transport chicks.

Hennie Lamprecht.   082 552 7133

Hens and Roosters for Sale – Henmar Hatchery
Marlborough rd
Alberton Gauteng South Africa