Hens and Roosters for Sale – Henmar Hatchery

If you are near the East Rand area you can buy point of lay hens and pullets from Ethical Suppliers. Click here for more information

Henmar Hatchery does popular types of free range- chickens, fertile eggs and large range of imported INCUBATORS, HATCHERS  and all accessories.  See separate price list for prices and pictures of Incubators , hatchers .

Chickens Vaccinated according to prescribed program up to selling age.

C3. BOSCHVELDERS:  Also called the AFRICA chicken. Bred to be a hardy free-ranger.

C6,  LEGHORN:  Amber-blue color. Excellent free- range egg layer.

C5,  VALERS:  New Humshire/Rhode Island hens cross Boshvelder cocks. Large brown/red.                    Prices for:  C3, C6, C5: Day-old R20, Week-old R25,  2 wks R30, 3 weeks R45,   4-wks  R60,   6 wks R80,  8-wks R100, 10 wks  R130,     3 moths R160.    4 months R 200,      point-of-lay R250.     Eggs R10  ea.

C2, BLACK  AUSTRALORPE. Bred out of show quality parantstock.Large, proud looking black chickens .           B3, WYANDOTTE GOLDEN LACED: Very rare, rose comb beaty’s.

C1,  KOEKOEKS: Pure bred Potch Koekoek. Very hardy South African.

C4, RHODE  ISLAND WHITE. Very rare pure white very large excellent egg layer.                                                 A2. RHODE ISLAND RED: Large type Mahogany Red.

A6. New Humpshires: Big, brown pure bred with black feathers in tail.                                                                                                                                                                                Prices: C2, B3, C1, C4, A2, A6 :  Day-old R30,   week-old R40,   2-weeks R50,  3-weeks R60,    month R75,       6-weeks R100,  8 weeks R130, 10 wks R160, 3 months R200,4 months R250, p of lay R300.   Eggs R15.00 .

B2: Vendas.


S, SUSSEX LIGHT,   Day-old R60. Week R70, 2 weeks R80, 3 weeks R90, month R100, 6 week R140, 8 weeks R180,  10 wks R240,  3 months R300,  4 months R400,  Point-of-lay (20 weeks) R500.  Eggs R30 ea.

Fertile eggs,and  Incubators can be transported by courier.  

Bank details: H K Lamprecht. ABSA, Acc no. 1002081578 Code 630-137,

Email  adr: valer@vodamail.co.za      Cell:  082 552 7133

GPS Co-ordinates:  S 26 degrees 25’ 21.5”                    E 28 degrees 07’ 09.2”

Address: Plot 3, Marlborough rd. Gardenvale, Klipriver.  (Between Alberton and Meyerton)


URGENT: Pls make appointment before visit. Bring crates or boxes to transport chicks.

Hennie Lamprecht.   082 552 7133

Hens and Roosters for Sale – Henmar Hatchery
Marlborough rd
Alberton Gauteng South Africa