Camel Milk South Africa Raw and Unpasturised

Camel milk has more Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cows milk, and is lower in lactose! Camel milk contains natural antibiotics which keeps the milk fresh for a longer period. It is easy to digest and is known to help improve the immune system by fighting off bacteria and infections and appears to be beneficial to those with autism, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, stomach ulcers and more.

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Customer Reviews:

My ex drinks it. He says it tastes like normal milk

the milk tastes very nice and rich.

Sweet, creamy but not overwhelmingly so. Best tasting milk I ever had.

Humane Farming Practices

The camels are allowed to roam freely in a large grassy pasture and the calves are raised by their mothers, not taken away after birth as is the usual custom in conventional dairy farming. Random farm inspections are allowed by Ethical Suppliers to ensure that free range farming protocols are adhered to. In fact, all the free range suppliers on Ethical Suppliers need to agree to random inspections so that we can ensure the use of the term “free range” is not a marketing gimmick.


Camel Milk South Africa Raw and Unpasturised
Koppieskraal Farm
Upington Western Cape South Africa
Phone: 083 272 2164