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Fruit & veg

Arcadia Community Garden
The Arcadia community has established an organic vegetable garden. This produce is picked fresh from their garden for you.

Basil, perennial
 approx. 30gR10.50
Coriander, fresh
 approx. 30gR10.50
Mint, fresh
 approx. 30g bagR10.50
Pennywort, fresh
 approx. 30gR10.50
Rocket, fresh
 approx. 30gR10.50
Rosemary, fresh
 approx. 30gR10.50
Thyme, fresh
 approx. 30g bagR10.50
Avocadoes from Oom Willie
These avocadoes are grown completely without pesticides on the trees or on the orchard floor. They do receive some conventional fertilisers.

 full boxR77.00
 half boxR40.00
Erina Organics
Erina Organics provide a range of organically grown and certified organic fresh produce of the highest quality

Butternut, organically grown
Carrots, organically grown
Chillies, certified organic
Garlic, certified organic
Lemons, certified organic
Onions, green organically grown
 1 bunchR21.00
Oranges, organically grown
Spinach, organically grown
Strawberries, certified organic
Joao da Silva
Joao farms vegetables near Cullinan both in tunnels and in the ground. He avoids using pesticides and does everything as organically as he can.

 1 headR23.00
 1 Head`R23.00
Cucumber, organically grown
 each(out of stock)
 string of 4 to 5(out of stock)
 String of 4 – 5(out of stock)
 1 kg(out of stock)
 1kg(out of stock)

Umbhaba Certified Organic Farms

Wensleydale Organic Farm
The Wensleydale vegetable boxes provide a selection of certified organic seasonal fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm to your kitchen. All the produce is packed only in paper and cardboard to avoid the use of more toxic and environmentally unsustainable options.

Baby marrows
Banting vegetable box
This box contains only low carb vegetables
 Mini box (8 half portions)R95.00
 Half box (6 items)R105.00
 Medium box (9 items)R150.00
 Standard box (12 items)R198.00
 jumbo box (15 items)R238.00
Cocktail tomatoes
Custom veg box fee
If you select this item you can purchase a vegetable box (any size except mini) and select exactly which items you would like in it. The list of items available is on Wensleydale’s website on a Monday morning. You can add your list of items in the “Notes” field when placing your order.
 1 boxR15.00
Oranges, certified organic
Organic wheatgrass
Pecan nuts in shelles
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes, bulk pack
Swiss chard
Vegetable box
You may specify up to two items you do not wish to receive in your box free of charge. If you would like to specify exactly what you want in your box, kindly select the “Custom veg box fee” as well. You can then e-mail through your vegetable selection to before 16:00 on Monday. You can obtain the list of fruit and vegetables available from Avril on
 Mini box (8 half portions)R95.00
 Half box (6 items)R105.00
 Medium box (9 items)R150.00
 Standard box (12 items)R198.00
 Jumbo box (16 items)R238.00
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