Happy Land Farm – Free Range Broilers and Layers

Happy Land Farm Free Range Chicken

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10 am – 2 pm Monday-Friday
10 am – 3 pm Saturdays
By appointment Monday-Friday afternoons, please call or email for an appointment


Happy Land Farm is a high quality, ethical, free-range chicken breeder. We provide a range of breeds for specific purposes and geographical locations. We are also suppliers of locally produced farming products to add value to the farming and foods industry for better nutrition and welfare.

Note from Lara Whybrow @ Ethical Suppliers: This farm is a new listing and while I haven’t had a chance to really check out the place it seems that their broilers are completely free range whereas their layers are kept in chicken tractors. Tractors are basically movable coops so its not really “free” range in the proper sense of the word but at least the poor animals aren’t kept indoors or in the tiny cages as in battery hen systems.

Happy Land Farm – Free Range Broilers and Layers
1 Huntsman Close
Kyalami, South Africa
Phone: 083 495 6532
Email: robert@happylandfarm.co.za
Url: http://happylandfarm.co.za