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From the Food and Home Magazine feature on Lazanou Organic Wines:

Living off the land requires more than a dream; it demands dedication, drive and a hefty dose of humility. When Josef Lazarus and Candice Stephanou bought an 8,4-hectare farm in Wellington in 2002, it was operating as a wholesale plant nursery. With just one small existing vineyard of Chenin Blanc, they worked in accordance with nature to transform the landscape into a platform for realising the dream of living a selfsustainable lifestyle. Selling off the plants contributed to the cost of their initial investment. Their organic wine farm, with 5,5 hectares under vine, may be one of the smallest in the country, but it has won many gold and silver medals at local and international wine shows. The farm meets international organic standards in both vineyards and the cellar, and has been certified as an organic producer with (Société Générale de Surveillance) SGS.     read more

PO Box 834, Wellington 7654, South Africa

T +27 (0)83 265 6341 F +27 (0)86 670 9213



Lazanou Organic Wine Farm – Neighbourgoods Market JHB
73 Juta Street
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)83 265 6341