Munching Mongoose – Organic Groceries Delivery Online Store

There is a growing awareness today of the benefits both to us and the environment of eating sustainably produced, healthy and fresh food.

However, sourcing the fantastic produce that is available at many smaller farmers markets is not always easy. This is how The Munching Mongoose can help you. Mongooses are happy and healthy little animals that run around all day making sure they get a varied and healthy diet! They forage and ferret and fuss until they know they’ve got the meal they want.

So, we at the Munching Mongoose source great, fresh food, produced using organic principles and deliver it straight to your door – no chemicals, no fuss, no worry! We forage for you.

For a monthly subscription fee we will deliver a box of seasonal, healthy and delicious produce right to your door on a weekly basis.

The produce will include:
• A variety of fresh naturally grown fruit and vegetables (enough in quantity and variety to sustain you and your family for a week).
• 2 litres of farm fresh, grass fed and pasteurised cow milk.
• 12 free range chicken eggs
• 1 loaf of artisan bread
• 1 or 2 “rounds” of locally farmed cheese (the type of cheese will vary weekly)
• A weekly intriguing product – from one of the many awesome small scale gastronomic artisans in our country.
• Every now and again an extra special treat for our loyal customers who become part of the mongaggle (mongoose family, it’s a real word, we promise!)

We have five boxes to choose from, including a Banting Box, so there is something for everyone!

If you want any further information about us or our produce, please send an email to and we will send you more details.


Munching Mongoose – Organic Groceries Delivery Online Store
250 Tuohyvale Road,
Krugersdorp, 1737
South Africa
Phone: 076 315 5451