Seeds Of Change Organic Store

Seeds of Change is nestled at the heart of the bustling Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Fourways. Many diverse little shops give the centre a warm earthy feel and this is the perfect backdrop for our one stop organic shop to be a catalyst for change. Come and indulge yourself with our gluten and sugar free cakes or buy some organic cheese and artisan bread. We have everything from eco and ethical cleaning products to amazing locally sourced organic makeup and wonderful fresh produce to entice the senses.

Earth is not static and neither should our attitudes  to the planet and our wellbeing be. Rest assured that when you buy at Seeds of Change we have done our absolute best to bring you organic, local and ethical produce and products. We take the guess work out so that you don’t have to.

Our skincare ranges  are free from chemicals such as parabens, PEG’s, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, heavy leads, lanolin,  petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colorants, castor oil, perfumes or preservatives and other harmful ingredients that have been linked to a range of diseases. The ingredients that make it into our skin care ranges are carefully scrutinised. We also take into account how these products are tested (no products tested on animals are available on our site) how they are  packaged (recyclable and biodegradable options are used as far as possible) and manufactured (for example products that contain beeswax, pollen and the like are harvested by traditional bee keeping methods and some of our make up ranges are manufactured in premises that use only solar power). All of this is taken into account to ensure that we help reduce our carbon footprint. Seeds of Change is passionate about natural resources and preserving them for future generations.

Whole foods that will be as close as possible to the original state, with limited or no amounts of colourants, preservatives or harmful genetically modified organisms will also be a store staple. As far as possible we help you to trace the journey from farm to fork so that you really are eating REAL food.

Seeds of change is very focused on bringing you top quality products that are as unrefined and unprocessed as possible. Slowly but surely we will increase product offerings and should you have any input please do not hesitate to call me on 0799945763 or email me on

Please follow our blog to understand more of the hype and science behind buzz words such as Banting, Organic, Carbon Footprints and the like. So pop in and enjoy fresh, sustainable and ethical everything and help us sew seeds of change;)

Seeds Of Change Organic Store
42 Witkoppen Road Cnr Kingfisher Drive
Johanneburg 1739
South Africa
Phone: 079 994 5763

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