Seonae Eco Centre – Organic Food Swellendam

Enzymes Drinks, Olive Oils, Olives, Raw Honey, Eco cleaning Products, Organic Beauty Care Products, Fresh produce – Organic where possible, Banting, Gluten Free/Sugar Free Treats, Jams, Rusks, Eggs Frozen Vegetarian & Vegan Foods, Unpreserved Yoghurts etc…

(prices and availability subject to change without notice)

Brown mushrooms R7/100g
White button mushrooms R5.5/100g
Bio dynamic onions R15 / kg
Bio dynamic butternuts R12 / kg
Bio dynamic Gemsquashs R13 / kg
Organic green beans R30 / kg
Farm fresh peppers R30 / kg
100% Rye Sourdough bread
freshly baked from mud oven With wood fire R 38

Preservative free Granola 400g R35 – Oats, Millet, Coconut Flakes , Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, coconut oil, Honey, Vanilla, Dried fruit.

Free range eggs – R15 for 6
Organic young spinach R8 big bunch
Desert peaches – R24 per kg
Fresh Organic Paneer Cheese today. R20 for 150g.
2 blocks of Tofu for R 16.
Organic Avocadoes at R 6
Sweet chilli and grape enzyme Vleckvieh cream cheese and another with chives, garlic and onion enzyme.
Med hot Chilli paste made with garlic, ginger, apple and pear.
Sweet Basil, Sunflower Seeds with cold pressed, extra virgin Olive oil Pesto.
Lupin Sprouts.
Raw & Unpasturised Fleckvieh Milk and Yoghurt (with 120 Pro-Biotics added)
Organic tomatoes R15 per kg
Seonae Eco Centre – Organic Food Swellendam
8b Voortrek Rd
Swellendam South Africa
Phone: 079 522 5825