Terra Madre Organic Farm

terra madre organic farm

Terra Madre is a working farm, a food destination, a place of passion, a place where  devoted people work and play and friendships are forged around tables of wholesome local produce.

Situated in the Elgin Valley, around the corner from the famed Peregrine, Terra Madre is the home of Nicole Precoudis – well known chef and foody. Here Nicole lives her dream amongst the orchards of apples, olives, fish filled dams and the precisely managed vegetable garden.

Daughter of a Greek butcher and his wife, Nicole has been preparing traditional Greek dishes for most of her life.  Sharing her parent’s love for food and Mediterranean dishes, Nicole left the world of cheffing and is now feeding all willing and hungry peeps who have come to love both her and her cooking.

Terra Madre Organic Farm
Viljoenshoop Road
Number 33
Elgin Western Cape South Africa
Phone: 082 328 1346
Email: nicole@terramadre.co.za
Url: http://www.terramadre.co.za/