The Oyster Lady

Additional cost of courier from Saldanha to Cape Town for orders under 20kg is R80.

30 oysters order packaged is 2kg.

Please call to arrange for oysters in advance..  :)

Collection / Delivery by arrangement only.

Lisa: 082 572 9833

 The Oyster Lady

The Oyster Lady is the public face of the oyster farm, located in the inner bay of Saldanha. We present our fresh Oysters and Mussels at weekly markets to the public, as well as yearly festivals. The farm began about 6 years ago, as an oyster seed producer, and later expanded to sell fresh oysters directly to distributors all over the country.

Recently, we expanded even more to include fresh black mussels on our lines, and these are being sold at two weekly markets as well as to distributors who supply restaurants and hotels. Our shellfish are bi-valves and thrive in the rich Saldanha waters, being filter-feeders, they take up the wonderful minerals and plankton supply in the bay.

We firmly believe in our ethos of “fresh from the ocean to the plate”, and we’re proud to know from direct experiences and feedback we have with the public at our markets, that our oysters are considered by some to be the “best they’ve ever eaten”, many of whom are overseas visitors with a healthy love and appetite for oysters.

Ethical Suppliers Editors Note:

From Medical

They say oysters are an aphrodisiac — they being scientists in 2005. But the sexual health benefits notwithstanding, oysters have a lot of other great qualities to offer. They deliver 16 grams ofprotein per 6-ounce serving; they’re rich in vitamins C and B-12; and they’re loaded with zinc, selenium, and iron.

The Sentientist states that oyster eating can be considered ethical because the oyster probably doesn’t have pain receptors because it would be a waste of biological resources on the part of the organism. You can read more about the research here.

When asked how ethically the oysters were farmed:

we cultivate the oysters in Saldanha Bay. The farm is 100% above board in terms of the department’s, lease off sea space from portnet, tax and vat is up to date, workers own 20%  of the Trust and our permits are both Classified A for mussels and oysters. Sustainability is what it’s all about.

The Oyster Lady
333 Main Rd
Cape Town Western Cape South Africa
Phone: 082 572 9833
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