The Victorian Garden – Organic Skincare Makers

The Victorian Garden is a South African company based in JHB that makes a wide range of natural skincare, beauty and health products from cold pressed organic oils, butters, essential oils, flower essences and other absolutely divine ingredients to create a skincare range that is so good for skin. In fact, Ethical Suppliers founder Lara Whybrow is such a fan of the range that she wanted to share this story:

I used to always buy their skincare products, my favourite was the rosehip oil and the carrot and jasmine cream. One day I was speaking to a friend of mine who unfortunately suffered from terrible acne. She had tried all the other brands – Nivea, Neutrogena, Johnson and Johnson, etc and just couldn’t get clear skin and her confidence was understandably low. Knowing what I do about the skin and the effects of mineral oils and chemicals on it, I gave her free bottles of my Victorian Garden cleanser and cream, and told her she should try it. After about a month she contacted me on Facebook and was just so happy with her skin, I was so happy too! She said her acne was clearing up nicely and when she came to my house one day she told me to touch her skin and feel how smooth it was. It was definitely smooth, the scarring was fading too (carrot has vitamins, great for skin) and I was just overall really impressed with how great her skin was looking. I really recommend the Victorian Garden products because I personally use them and know that they work.

The Victorian Garden – Organic Skincare Makers
26 Palmerton Road,
Lonehill Gauteng South Africa
Phone: (011) 465 7947