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      Commodity Suppliers Database – Suppliers Profile
      Contact details of South African farmers, title holders, commodity suppliers or otherwise reliable sources for: Maize (non GMO white maize,
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      Unethical Companies
      Offenses committed by these companies include: sweatshops, human and animal rights abuse, water pollution, price fixing, deadly chemicals and irresponsible
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      pork factory farming
      Factory Farming (warning NOT for sensitive viewers)
      WARNING: What you are about to see regarding factory farming is extremely upsetting for most normal people. Not For Sensitive
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      Commodity Brokers
      The following brokers may be able to assist with product offers, please note that these are independent brokers and are
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      About Our Trust Grade System for Commodity Suppliers
      Grade 3 – Unverified, Reference Only We get a lot of brokers and companies trying to offer their products to
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      Fraudulent Documents & Other Scams
      Please report any fraud to Do your due diligence! To prevent people using our documents or look alikes to
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      Activist Groups (Petition, Donate, Spread the Word!) This is one of the world’s largest activist groups. They have managed to make some real changes such as
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      Heirloom/Organic/Open Pollinated Seed Suppliers List
      GMO FREE SEED – South Africa DeltasaadMaize Bred to suit all kinds of Climates in SA, for Commercial & smaller Crops:(100%
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      Free Range Meat Suppliers
      Situated in the picturesque Maluti Mountains of Zastron in the Orange Free State, Boomplaats farm practices holistic farming and is
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      Farmers, Avoid Signing Exclusive Contracts
      This article is about a specific case that was submitted anonymously, so while we can’t vouch for the legitimacy of
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      Recently Added Retailers

      free range eggs
      Quaymbo Eggs – Free Range Eggs
      Our eggs are laid by New Hampshires, Orpingtons, Australorps, Malays and Koekoeks. Our chickens are fed chicken feed, grass (free-rangers)
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      Farmer John – food and medicine garden
      ‘The Well Farm’  is located in the beautiful enclave of Hermitage, Swellendam. We consider ourselves extremely privileged to be able to
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      Hopewell Supplies – Organic Products Howick
      A friendly farm supply store based in Howick which offers the farming community everything from home industry products to home
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      Eddies Eggs – Free Range Egg Farm Supplying Gauteng & Western Cape
      ORGANIC FREE RANGE EGGS – NATURE’S PERFECT FOOD. Farmer Eddie is pioneering a partnership between a group of certified organic citrus
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      Ganico Organic Farm – Pomegranates & More
      About us We are a family run Organic Farm in the heart of South Africa. Our names are Laiken and
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