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Ethical Suppliers was founded in 2013 and operates a business directory of trusted commodity suppliers, mostly in the agriculture industry. 

We support the movement towards conscious consumerism and free range, organic and non GMO farmers.

Consumers can browse the Store Locator below or download a PDF of all the organic farms, markets, free range dairy suppliers etc in South Africa. 

Retail Business Directory

Find South African organic food, free range eggs, free range dairy and more to help you make better purchasing choices. The directory also includes breeders and other suppliers to help you start your own organic farm. 

      Recently Added Retailers

      Urban Fresh Farm – Alexandria Johannesburg AboutWe Promote Local Farmers and Trade in Natural and Organic Fresh Produce ProductsWe specialize in Natural and Organic Fresh Vegetables and Herbs. In addition we also occasionally provide Fresh...

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      Kula Organics – Organic Farm & Delivery

      Address for geo-locator purposes only, please contact Kula Organics to arrange delivery. KULA IS A FRESH FOOD MOVEMENT, AIMED AT PROVIDING THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WITH SAFE, ORGANICALLY GROWN, AND FRESH LOCAL...

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      free range dairy farm

      Sundale Free Range Dairy Farm

      Sundale is a family owned business with a proud heritage. Everyone in the Sundale family is committed to the Sundale promise to provide the best quality dairy. This is a...

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      free range eggs

      Quaymbo Eggs – Free Range Eggs

      Our eggs are laid by New Hampshires, Orpingtons, Australorps, Malays and Koekoeks. Our chickens are fed chicken feed, grass (free-rangers) and supplemented vegetable trimmings....

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      Farmer John – food and medicine garden

      ‘The Well Farm’  is located in the beautiful enclave of Hermitage, Swellendam. We consider ourselves extremely privileged to be able to cultivate our herbs and edible plants in such a setting...

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