Find Organic & Free Range Farms​

The store locator below will show you organic and free range suppliers in your area. You can also download a list of all the listings in South Africa. Find farms, markets grocery stores and more with the Ethical Suppliers Retail Business Directory. Factory farming is so cruel that Google won't even show adverts on our Factory Farming page because of gore, so please support free range products.

Find Commodities Safely

Non GMO white and yellow maize, beans, soya, sugar, wheat, nuts - find all sorts of agricultural commodities by the ton from silos and farmers in South Africa and other countries. We also offer resources to help businesses protect themselves against document fraud. Farmers can join us and market their products to our huge database of buyers.

Grow Your Own!

Food prices will always go up. Due to the nature of food security and economics, more producers means lower prices for everyone - even the producer. But food should be less of a business and more of a basic human right. Raise your own backyard chickens or find any seed imaginable with our resources. The ebook library has grower resources.

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Retail Organic Business Directory

Find South African organic food, free range eggs, free range dairy and more to help you make better purchasing choices. The directory also includes breeders and other suppliers to help you start your own organic farm.

      Latest Suppliers Added

      terra madre organic farm
      Terra Madre Organic Farm
      Terra Madre is a working farm, a food destination, a place of passion, a place where  devoted people work and
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      organic food
      Organic Worx – Call & Collect – Organic Food & More
      The word “Organic” means “living’. This means natural food that is grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or
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      Instrulec – Water Storage and Collecting JHB
      Water Backup Rain Harvesting Grey Water Harvesting 011 955 1504
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      Molewa’s Kitchen – Tasty organic food at the OBZ Lifestyle Market
      Molewa’s Kitchen – Food Blogger Dennis Molewa shares his incredibly tasty creations that use organic and free range ingredients. Pop
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      Seeds Of Change Organic Store
      Seeds of Change is nestled at the heart of the bustling Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Fourways. Many diverse little shops
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