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This page contains lists of suppliers for free range meat farmers and stores as well as organic heirloom/open pollinated seed suppliers.

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Free Range Meat Suppliers

My name is Akim Riemer; I am a Pork-smith in search of the holy grail of the pork chop.
As a pork-smith I practice the art of artisanal pork husbandry, a holistic philosophy guided by nature, bound by the mantra “no stress at death”. To achieve this pigs have to be slaughtered at the place of birth and with smoke and mirrors you can, on a small herd of 150 pigs, harvest with zero stress-IT’S POSSIBLE and revolutionary!
To make it sustainable the concept “artisanal allotment pork club” has been born, a collective and legal approach for people to be accountable to the meat they eat. Enshrined in the constitution under the bill of rights is the freedom of belief so if you are a meat eater, and are of the belief that the animal must not suffer, cannot be tortured, and was allowed to follow its natural behavior before its slaughtered with respect and zero stress we invite you to contact us to find out more.
If you wish to see us in person and get to know more about our collective sharing approach for sustainable pork then please come see us this Saturday at Kommetjie Primary schools market for the fund raiser “walk for water” where we will have a stand selling fresh produce, eggs, lard soap and sceletium all from our farm from 9h-15h. Look out for the man in the black skirt…….
Do we wait for the laws to change or do we bend them so they change faster? Whatever you decide we all know the luxury of doing nothing has passed!

Seen on the pictures: fat neck chops traditionally brined and green cured then smoked with French oak and bay leaf they go by the loving name “banters orgasm”.

We hope to see you all at Kommetjie Primary on Saturday 11 Nov from 9-15h
Akim Riemer

Karoo Lamb:

Braeside Butchery (Parkhurst, JHB) - Retail

Farmer Angus (Western Cape) - Wholesale beef

Oak Valley Pork - Wholesale pork, beef

Cure Deli - Retail

Elfi Frylink - - Wholesale pork

Cloete Afrikaners - Wholesale beef

Willem - grass fed beef in Limpopo  078 955 4130

Brenda Thlabane Hammanskraal Free Range Grass Fed Beef: 083 442 6907

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants -

The Red Barn Free Range Chicken and Eggs - George

Masada Farm free range chicken - Pretoria, Centurion, Witbank, Middelburg

Natural Meat - Semi free range, hormone and antibiotic free chicken delivered from the farm to areas in Gauteng.

Boomplaats Organic Free Range Beef - visit to see retail outlets in the JHB and PTA areas

To see why you should support free range farming and vote with your purchasing power against factory farming, visit this link


Heirloom/Organic/Open Pollinated Seed

GMO FREE SEED - South Africa

DeltasaadMaize Bred to suit all kinds of Climates in SA, for Commercial & smaller Crops:(100% uncontaminated, gmo-free)Contact Willie VisserMarketing Manager 083 260 5224(gm-free Soy will be ready for 2014 growing season)

Living SeedsHeirloom, Herb, Open -Pollinated Vegie Seeds & Everything you need for your Organic Garden: Heirloom Seeds (Pty) LtdP.O.Box 1421Henley-on-Klip1962Monday to Friday 08h00 - 16h00Telephone: 071 911 5159Fax: 086 624 4773Email:

Organic seeds available to order from Emma Kelly:Inbox your orders to: complete List, please Email: emn8ing@gmail.comList of seeds – changing as the seasons all the time:Maize: White, Popping, Sweetcorn.Maize (limited): Rainbow Inca, Blue, Bloody Red.Greens: Spinach (Sea Bolt), Swiss Chard, Rainbow Spinach etc.Beans: Red Speckled Kidney, White, Ouma Sarie, Purple, Bountiful Stringless, Painted Lady Runner etc.Peas: Pigeon, Cow, Sugar Pod, Sugar Daddy, Chick & Blue Podded.Lettuce: Gourmet Mix, Mesculin Mix, Butterhead, Oak Leaf, Amish Deer Tongue etc.Tomatoes: Mexican Yellow, Ox Heart, Florade, Yellow Pear, Purple Dragon, Cherry etc.<p> Cucumber: African Horned, Crystal Apple, Poona Keera, Long Slender etc.</p>Many others, incl. squash, sunflowers, rooted veggies, aubergine, brassicas, cabbage, peppers, fruits, herbs & grains.

UKUVUNA Optimized Sustainable Projects(A Zulu word for Abundant Harvest)All seeds are free of GMOs & organically grown. Please contact us for a list of Summer & Winter Vegetables & Crops at Ukuvuna for sale.John Nzira, DirectorTel: +27 (83) 665 3356johnnzira@gmail.comurbanfrmng@gmail.com50 Pretorius Rd, President Park, Midrand, 1685Visit our website for all our Services & Products:www.urbanfarming.yolasite.comPO Box 6032, Halfway House, 1685

So Delicious with VanessaHeirloom seed & garden gadgets. All seeds are organic, heirloom & open-pollinated varieties grown by specialized farmers who do not support GMOs. We are vehemently anti-GMO & have gone to great lengths to import only pure heirloom seed.Contact Vanessa:

Hart NurseryFamily owned Organic Retail Nursery. Non-GM Seed, organic vegie & herb plants, accessories, organic fertilisers, botanical/ organic insecticides as well as advice & assistance. Volcanic Rock Dust which comprises 72 minerals & trace elements to promote healthy plant growth. Use of old fashioned methods eg. vinegar, castor oil, honey & cinnamon powder to promote an environmentally friendly & cost effective approach to gardening.Gary & Pam Hart: Just by going organic, we now breed chameleons, frogs, lizards etc. We have also recorded 72 of the 139 species of birds in our nursery. +27 21 703 8689Email: 350 Ottery Rd, Ottery, Cape Town.

Mahlathini Organic Seed 

Basilhof Farm