Why Are Cattle Not Fed Their Natural Diet?

This is definitely one of my biggest issues with non pasture reared beef. A while ago I had a great idea in my head to help factory farmed beef lead healthier lives, and ulitmately produce more nutritious meat – I was going to try and get the municipality to sell their grass cuttings to the factory farm for next to nothing. I figured that factory farmed beef, which is produced on what is known as a feedlot (such as Karan Beef and Manjoh Ranch), would really enjoy a chance to eat their natural diet of grass and not corn based meal (with ANIMAL by products sometimes added – insane, since cows are HERBIVORES) and the municipality chucked their grass on the rubbish heap anyway – they would love the chance to get a bit of cash for it. Hell, they might even give it to the farm for free!

I was very excited till one of my contacts told me not to bother. He said that the reason why cattle on a feedlot are not fed grass is because of PROFITS. Their corn based meal is much higher in calories so the cattle get fatter quicker. This means they reach their slaughter weight quicker so they can make way for the next lot to get fattened up. This is almost the equivalent of feeding someone McDonalds all the time. They become fat and malnourished at the same time.
Pasture reared beef is much more nutritious since they eat mostly grass, maybe lucerne, and this is the equivalent of you eating a nice big bowl of freshly picked vegetables (without too many pesticides of course). The fat of pasture reared beef is actually yellow, a clear indication that something is different. People who have tasted pasture reared beef can’t go back. Yes, a high calorie diet comes in handy in winter but I strongly feel that cattle should be pasture raised. If you want to see how a feedlot looks, click here to see the Karan Beef Factory “Farm”. Disgusting. Rows upon rows, hundreds of thousands of cows with NO shade, ever.
To find pasture raised grass fed beef, simply do a search on the website. The search function is on the home page. Or you can contact info@ethicalsuppliers.co.za and someone, probably me, will get back to you. At the moment there aren’t many suppliers in Gauteng but more are being added every month and soon you will be able to find grass fed beef no matter where you are.
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